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We started remotely from our homes and now we’re beyond thankful we’re here.

What started as a side hustle from our homes (each on separate sides of the US coast) then one day we were able to commit full-time to SeedTech. Insane!

Our passion for creativity, technology and the desire to work with amazing brands perpetuated our drive to do the absolute best job we could. We put our blood, sweat, & tears into the countless hours it took to build both SeedTech and its clients’ businesses.

Today, SeedTech has become one of the top players in it’s game as a service provider in the Web & software development & out-sourced IT support space and has expanded with team members around the world.

We’re beyond thankful for all the amazing clients and people we’ve worked with to help push SeedTech to heights that we never thought were reachable.

SeedTech’s team is all about results & minimized risks. We commit all our skills to ensure your project is a roaring success

Launch a Complex Project

We help with the challenging, complex & long-term projects. SeedTech has a proven track record of overcoming complexity and delivering successful projects while keeping everyone on the same page.

Tech Skills

Tech is constantly changing and it’s our utmost prerogative to stay at the forefront. We’re constantly evolving our strategies to utilize the best tools, practices, & frameworks.

Understand the process

We develop day in, day out. We’ll help navigate you through the process, the lingo, the expectations and the delivery. We keep our entire process transparent, so you can make informed decisions.

Move into the forefront of your industry

We study the nitty details, the nuances, trends, data, customer behavior, competition and more. This let’s us curate strategies that help set you apart from the pack.

We’re your biggest champions

We care immensely of each and every one of our projects – we evangelize and champion our clients and teams to succeed, overcome, rally and grow.

We’re your biggest champions

SeedTech frees you from the hassles and costs of traditional recruitment. Collaborating our team simplifies the process, helps minimize risk, and overcomes all sizable or ambiguous challenges.

Making IT support seamless

We use today’s best & first class technology to monitor your business, ensuring issues are rectified before they become problematic. More importantly, we prioritize people – we know IT issues can be frustrating that’s why we prioritize customer service.

Keep your business Proactively secured

Cybersecurity threats are increasing every year unfortunately therefore we use top technology & best practices to ensure you and your client data is safe.

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“We are obsessed with doing whatever it takes for our clients to succeed. We’re their biggest champions”